03 June 2009

Rocks and Wind

Yesterday everywhere was rocks. And wind. And wind with rocks. Ugh.

My niece had a softball game last night so I drove with the wind ranging speeds that would make my mother blush (or at least grip the side of the car and freak out at every bird or bug to pass by). I ended up only being 10 minutes late, and that was with hitting every red light and following a line of cars going 30 on a highway with no way to pass. Once I was free I was like the wind!

The game though, we had to sit facing the wind - as does the home team at that diamond. It hurt. My eyes were so red and watering. At one point I really felt like I had a boulder like the ones I've been picking at MS's in my eye. And it scratched and hurt.

Then it was back to the car, this time to drive into the wind. I kept my speeds down...a bit at least...because it was late and MS and I still needed to run for the night. Or rather, I still needed to run 3m for the day and he agreed to run with me. So nice of him, but he needed to get out too.

So we ran the gravel roads by his house. This is one good thing about country roads. You know that a section is a mile square, so from one corner to the next you get a mile and MS is .3 in from one road. So we ended up running 3.4, on freshly laid gravel no less. Nothing like running through piles of rocks, trying to find the grooved areas from cars just to run a bit.

It was a nice run. 3.4 without stopping except to turn around and at a pretty good pace (10:40) for me. It was a little slow for MS but he had knee surgery a few months ago and he hasn't run since January so this was probably good for him to ease back into it all. I was pleased though. It felt really good to get back out running and be able to keep up with conversation (except for the one mild hill I didn't realize we were on and I started singing Poison Ivy as a cadence and got winded - dammit, Jim!).

MS was a little worried about me because my face was RED. It always gets this way, especially when I overdress, which I did last night - stupid. The wind was chilly though and I overestimated it since the wind died down quite a bit the last mile and a half. Oh well. This morning he smiled and said, "You have your color back." Thanks dear. It will be like this all summer; get used to it.

I did discover that I really need to be in shorts more. My legs are sooooo white! Either that or stop shaving. :)

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