06 June 2009

That didn't work

So my plan last night as I went to bed (late again) was to get up at 4:15, change and go for a 5 or 8 mile run at 4:30 so I'd still have time to shower for work.

Yeah, I just got up and it's 5:40. Crap. Now my schedule is all off for training (already!) and I have 13 miles to get in over the next two days. It doesn't help that a) I have to work and b) the weather stinks today. I'm hoping that tonight it will calm down a bit so I can get my run in (and convince MS to run with me). We shall see.

Tomorrow is the same problem only I have only the AM before work as an option because I have to head to the cities. Crap. Maybe MS was right - skip the play. Except that I can't because I've already paid for the ticket, changed the ticket and added 2 for Keith and his wife. Stupid planning on my part.

Crossing fingers somehow I can make this work.

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