02 June 2009

The question

The question as of late is "What is wrong with her?" The 'her' being me, of course. :) MS had been talking with his friend this weekend about me and after the stats came out - 34, never married, no kids - that was the question that arose: "What's wrong with her?" MS said he was still trying to figure that out - hahaha. But this now has me trying to figure that out.

Of course I got the same question from my brother regarding MS this weekend, "What's wrong with him?" though I think it was phrased more along the lines of, "What's his problem?" But that's my brother. I could justify MS's so-called flaws that my brother saw though. And since I don't seem to have any which in itself is a flaw, it's understandable MS would have trouble answering that. (On a side note, my friend Joel thinks that MS's friend really meant, "How is that little hottie not snapped up?" :) hahaha

MS had told his friend that it's scary how much he and I think alike and like the same things. And it's true, though I don't know about the scary part. To me it seems pretty good that we are on the same page with a lot of things and that we can talk through our differences or our struggles with whatever project we're working on. And the fact I'm the first marathon runner he's ever dated seems to have a bit of an edge to it. :)

Whatever the case, maybe we're just two messes who work well together and there's nothing wrong with either of us. Maybe we've just finally found our niche. Or something.


Kat said...

Well, my first response is that the same thing is wrong with you which was wrong with me for the first thirty-odd years of my life. Really bad choices in men. Until a good choice. But it only takes one good choice, right?

And then, just to say the obvious - my Second cent (I get two, right?) is that it's great that you have a lot in common - all that opposites attract stuff can make life messy. And of course there's stuff wrong with both of you, you're human. Just as long as you can live with it and love in spite of it, that's all that matters. =)

Happy for you, over here.

Beege said...

Every lid has a pot, Miz Moe. Maybe you've found yours.