12 June 2009

Back on the trail

Last night MS came over after I got off work and we ran 4. It was a little rough and I made him promise to make sure I don't take a week off from running ever again! We also made another deal on my therapy, so I have to keep up on that too.

Overall it was an okay run. 46:10 which is way slow for me these days, but I had a stitch, which I shared with MS too *grin*, and had to walk a bit.

Today I needed to get some miles logged so I ran 6. Not bad again. Still out of shape and I haven't been eating well. I ran it in 66:15 and all my splits were under 12 minutes, so that's good.

I came home and decided to make some tea because I haven't been drinking enough water, just soda for the caffeine lately. I think this will help a lot. Tomorrow I need to run another 3 (maybe 6) and Sunday is a 9 mile day.

I love marathon training. :) Yes, I'm insane.

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