22 June 2009

Camp Sunday 1

What a drive out today. I took a work vehicle, which is good for the gas mileage and wear and tear avoiding my car, but I hate these cars. At least I didn't have the big 15-passenger van - just a 7 person one.

But I had one funny moment on my way out...practically right out of one of those spam emails that my mother forwards to me all the time.

I walked into the bathroom during one of my rest/fuel stops. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a routine visit. But not two feet into the bathroom do I hear a voice from the first stall. I paused and then the voice spoke again.

"OMG," I thought, "Could they really be talking on their cell phone while sitting on the toilet? People don't really do that do they?" Apparently so...and the woman continued even beyond me leaving the restroom. Insane. I almost answered her questions a couple times but I figured she'd get mad and I didn't need to start anything tonight. :)

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