09 June 2009

The next step

Tonight Emmy had a softball game. I had half-jokingly suggested to MS that we (WE) go to the game together but wasn't really sure if he would go.

I called him an hour prior, because it takes about 40 minutes to get there, and he was at Lowe's though he said he had planned to go, but didn't think it started until 6. Well, yes, it starts at 6, but in a town 40 minutes away. Whoops.

Well, we made it to the game, albeit 30 minutes late. That was okay though. It was probably for the best since he was meeting the family.

My sister approved, my bro-in-law was indifferent (as usual), my niece said, "eh.", and my nephew said he thought he was cool. Interesting reactions for meeting a guy all of 30 minutes, but that's okay. There will be other times.

MS and I had kind of a date after that, which was nice. We went to a local bar & grill, which I will admit I was nervous about. Shockingly, it was really good. I was pleased at least.

A good night really. And another step down. Next one - meeting another sibling or mom. Eek!

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