15 June 2009

Jump in head first

Okay, so I gave in this morning. *sigh* I'm so pathetic.

MS called after he got off work and suggested we get our run out of the way before it started to rain. I had already gone 2.5 but it had felt blah so I thought maybe if we went again, and this time I'd have a running partner, it would be better. Wishful thinking. It was still a blah run, but I got another 5 in and got to see two snapping turtles laying their eggs. :)

Anyway, after our run we were planning our day and Mom called. So MS answered my phone, as he is prone to do. Long story short, he made some comments about mom needing to take care of herself or she'd end up in the hospital and while he knows she likes the flowers she gets when she goes to the hospital, wouldn't it just be better if she stayed healthy and we gave her flowers anyway?

So while I was cleaning up after the run I decided to just get it over with. We headed out in the downpour to get some flowers or plant at the local grocer and stop by Mom at her workplace. When we got to the grocer MS said, "We're going to get wet. Is your mom worth getting wet?" He grinned and I smiled and said, "I'm going to go get something. You can stay here if you want, or you can come in. It's your choice." He came in. :)

We got to Mom's work and they met and all was well. I haven't gotten a report from her, not that I expect to get one. I'm hoping my sister will be online tomorrow night and I can see if Mom said anything to her, because I'm sure she did.

So slowly but surely we're making it through the Moe family - which is a lot. I have 3 siblings so there are 2 more to go. Not to mention the essentials like K&E. :) I did make a flip book of picture and stats with of the family so he can remember everyone and quiz himself on occasion. :) I'm such a dork.

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