21 June 2009

Not even gonna....

So normally when I miss a day I post what I've written elsewhere and just change the date stamp. Well, I have been writing, just not here, but I'm too tired to try to catch up with all of those days, so you'll get a quick recap here instead.

Thursday, after a good day at work, SG and I went out for Mexican to catch up. I miss the days when we used to run together more often, but our schedules just haven't worked out and since I'm in training and she's not really, it's better for us to just get together and chat. It was a good time and I had a margarita even. :) Shocker, I know. MS was going to meet up with us but he was spraying down his mud-mower from that afternoon's adventure. But later that night he pulled out the firepit and we sat on his patio watching the lightening show up north and enjoying the beautiful evening.

Friday I worked half a day and MS and I took his mom with us on a Cabela's trip (this was after MS and I picked out new glasses frames for him...that was a trip and a half). We had a nice trip that afternoon, ran into one of my bosses at Culver's (haha), and when we got home he wanted to mow some thistles and I headed out for a run.

Saturday I had to work for a couple hours which turned into three and then longer as I had to go and mow Mom's yard. MS started on the retaining wall in the backyard which is a project of magnitude! Of course it didn't help he put the bricks upside down. :) Oh well. I came and helped a bit - shaved down and put in three bricks while he put up several levels of the wall and then realized that at least two of them weren't level, so I had to dig them out. We're keeping the one that took me an hour to get level - and hereby naming it the "Moe brick". We're going to write my name on it even (not that you'll see it. :)) But all that wiped us out - especially him and we crashed like bumps on a log.

Today I get to head to Youth Camp which means I probably won't be blogging for a week or so. I will do the mass update by day when I get back because I know I will be writing, as I do, during this time, but I won't remember everything like I did today. :)

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