16 June 2009

Running a lot

Today work wasn't too bad, amazingly enough. I got a few of my projects started, not completely finished but farther along than they were, which is good. I have just this week to get everything done because next week is Youth Camp! :)

After work, MS came over and we went for a 4 mile run. This one was much better than yesterday. He had a little knee pain but we were able to keep a good shuffle pace going. I felt good so I was happy. Hopefully tomorrow's run will go as well.

Haven't had a chance to talk to my sister to see if Mom said anything about MS to her. There is some bad weather going on so she may not be online tonight. Oh well.

I have laundry going, so I have to stay up another hour or I'd be in bed. Tired, I am. Not sure why.

That's a topic - I have been quite tired lately. Yesterday when MS and I were running errands I kept yawning and just felt sluggish. Granted I had run 7.5 yesterday, but I shouldn't have been that tired. It was just constant. I slept well last night, so I shouldn't be tired today either. I am trying to ease out of my caffeine fix, so that could be a bit of it, but I just don't get it. Isn't running supposed to help me have more energy? Hopefully it's not something else.

Okay...work to do until my laundry is finished.

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