04 June 2009

Run today

Today was a great run. Training said to run 3, so I did. And I ran it in 31:10. YAY! This is faster than the last two days. I'm so stoked about this. My times keep improving, so either my watch is screwed up or I'm continuing to get better. I'm really glad about this.

After I ran I ran into Deaner - not literally. He wants to do his fitness test for work tomorrow AM and so I'm going to facilitate, but I think I'm going to run it too. If it's good enough I may count it for the year (and maybe retest in August just for fun), but if it's not I'll count it as practice. We'll see. I'm feeling pretty good but I haven't done any crunches or pushups in weeks. I'm not going to do them now or I won't be able to move my arms in the morning, but hopefully I can push out enough.

Heading to MS's tonight. It's late but it'll be good to see him. He's planning to get up early tomorrow to go to the gym again. Look at us and our insanity. It's good we found each other. :)

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