11 June 2009

Take 'em all down

I woke up this morning thinking about KC and my apartment. God bless her, I love her a lot. She's been a great friend, but she has me wondering just where I am in my life sometimes.

The other day she came over for a rare, brief visit (so I could pick up a heating pad and she could have some ice cream) and she saw my TC poster on the floor. I've been meaning to swap that poster for the Ella one that's currently on my wall (framed of course).

She said, "Another poster?" Uh...
"Moe, you're an adult now. You need REAL art."

I can't afford REAL art. But the stubborn, annoyed girl in me woke up thinking I should just take down every piece of fake art on my walls. They'll be pretty bare, but maybe that's for the best.

Of course I also look at my apartment and think I need to pack up all my books, because they don't really show my intellectual side or whatever, I should buy new furniture because everything looks like college furniture. Or maybe I should just wipe out my entire apartment and start from scratch.

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