14 June 2009

So here's a question

To all my readers who have or have had significant others worthy of meeting the family, when in your relationship did that happen?

Basically, I'm wondering when the right time is to introduce MS to Mom. Granted, they have talked on the phone a couple times (long story), but Mom laid into me yesterday that she thinks I'm embarrassed of her and that's why she hasn't met Mike yet. This kind of stemmed from Tuesday when we went to Emmy's game.

This brings up the ever-constant issue of my sister (or any of us) knowing something before Mom. It's annoying and frustrating. And I'm tired of tiptoeing around it all.

I'm not avoiding the issue, but I also am not jumping in both feet to bring MS around Mom. I don't know why...well, I do a little bit. If something doesn't work out between MS and I, I really don't want all the questions for the next 20 years about "why didn't you stay with MS?" "You know, he was really good for you?" blah blah blah. You think I'm kidding that my family would do that, but fact is they still bring up my college boyfriend Jim. UGH! I haven't seen him in almost a decade but it never fails that at some family event someone will bring him up. Hell, my sister and bro-in-law even brought him up when they met MS on Tuesday! WTF, people?!

So I know that's part of it. But I don't know. Any advice, o! brilliant ones? (that's you reading this...thanks).

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Mtanga said...

There is no good answer. There is never the "best" time. There's only a time when you don't feel harassed or pushed and when you want to open more personal parts of your life to him.

I can't absolutely guarantee that your mom won't bring it up 10 years from now, either, but that's why dating is not meant for sissies.

Good luck!