22 December 2008

Two options; one decision

This morning I woke up with two options for this work week. I had already decided to flex my work week* and our big boss had given us an extra day off as well.

Well, I have an appointment with the ever-fabulous Keith tomorrow at noon. I had a couple options:
1) I could work all day Monday, half of Tuesday, half of Wednesday and call it a week.
2) I could work all day Monday, and take the rest of the week off.

On my way to work, I decided on number 2. It makes more sense. I'm going to head to K&E's on Wednesday so I can see my adorable Goddaughter over Christmas anyway, so to work half a day and then drive half a day...well, that's not worth it. And to work half a day tomorrow and then get a massage before having to run all my errands I have to get finished tomorrow...well that seems like I'd be defeating the purpose of the relaxing massage.

Boss1 came into work today, which surprised me, but when I talked over my decision with him, he actually agreed that would probably be the best. YAY! It's not like I don't have the comp time or vacation time to use...I have plenty. And this is really the last couple weekends for a real break until April where I can truly relax. After the new year, we'll be kicking it into gear hard core for a big work thing we have coming up at the end of March.

So as of right now, I'm on vacation for a week. I love it! I really enjoyed my weekend. Of course it was nice that we had freezing cold temps so I could just stay inside. It was awesome. And the weather is starting to warm up, so that's good too. It's good to have time off, though I hope I'm not at a place next Sunday where I don't want to go back to work. :)

*We normally work Tuesday through Friday but we flexed to work Monday through Thursday, thus having Thursday and Friday off for Christmas. By flexing, the extra day off, explained in the other sentence, gave us Wednesday off.

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