23 December 2008

Cop out

I'm so pathetic. I hate the holiday traffic and people being just stupid...everywhere.

This morning I went to work to take care of a couple things that had come up yesterday and to print an address label for my Godson out East's Christmas present (which he'll get around New Year's because I'm ever so timely).

Then it was quick run to Caribou for Keith's present, the PO for my package*, and Lewis to mail my Godson's present. Craziness!

After that I had an awesome 2 hour massage courtesy of the ever-fabulous Keith. *sigh* That was so incredible. And so needed. Wow. I just saw him two weeks ago and I couldn't believe how tense and tight I was. Sheesh. Holidays are killer.

I tried and tried to put it off, but eventually I just couldn't and I headed to Target to get toys for the Angel Tree. I was impressed with my prowess. I was in and out in 45 minutes with $189 worth of goodies ($126 for the Angel Tree, batteries and a few things I needed).

Target still needs to work on the "green bags" and packing. What an idiot. I have my Envirosax which have handles, but the guy made me hold the bags open for him so he could put the stuff inside. Uh... you have bag holders right there...can't we just slip them on? And then he had no idea how to put stuff in them so more would fit. I'm sure I pissed off the people behind me but if I had let him use the normal Target bags, I'd have at least double what I have now.

Enough of that. I should have gone to the mall and dumped the presents but I just couldn't bring myself to go. It opens at 8 tomorrow so I'll go then. I need to make sure all the tags are off first and I want to take a picture to post here and for the folks in our building to see what I picked up for the kids. I tried to stick with the $10 range for toys so I could get more and I think I did fairly well. I'll post a photo later.

*I got my prints from AFBlues today and they are awesome! I'm so stoked. So a shout out here to Farva because he sent me 3 prints because I was indecisive and couldn't decide between the Veteran's Day one or the fitness test one. God bless you, Farva. You're awesome.

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