31 December 2008

Looking back at 2008

There is something sad about looking back on your life, and yet somehow invigorating. Of course it depends on what you see when you look back.

So I'm going to start simple tonight and go with my resolutions from last year:

* Buy the damn shredder (Did it! And I use it...occasionally!)

* Get rid of excess - excess anything: paper, clothes, stuff. Declutter your life! Give to Goodwill! (I did much better at this than I have in the past. I did take clothes to Goodwill and I need to do more. I have spent countless hours cleaning out boxes and papers. In fact, in our trash area in our garage there are at least three stacks of flattened boxes waiting for recycling.)

* Give to charities more than 2007 (I think I did this, though I didn't track it very well throughout the year, so I'll have to get back to you on this one.)

* Get an iPod shuffle for better running (I did do this! A green one, but I don't use it very much because I don't like running with music...it's too distracting.)

* Run your 2nd and 3rd marathons - May and October respectively (I almost did this one. I didn't make the May one - but I'm going to this year. But I did run the one in October AND I finished officially!)

* Knit blankets for Debbie (I'm pretty sure I did this, but I can't remember. I seem to recall giving her a few blankets. I probably need to do more.)

* Send PIF gifts and open it up again next year (I lost Heather's address and I'm still working on Bethany's! Bethany - I'm sooooo sorry I didn't get it to you before the end of November, but you will get it!)

* Smile and be happy - life is great and a gift. Enjoy it! (Well, life was up and down this year, but for the most part I really tried to do this.)

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Kat said...

Wow, how weird it feels to remember these resolutions of yours from last year. I've been stalking you that long. Hmm. Don't remember if I made any! I'm sure I did. I'm sick (a cold) and tired (teething kid) and just started my diet again yesterday so I'm grumpy too...think I'll wait till the end of the week to reflect, when I'm in a better mood!! =)