01 January 2009


The theme for this month's NaBloPoMo is "change". Fitting, of course, for January and a new year.

This year I expect my life will change a lot. I'm starting back on SB next week and hope to lose and keep off 20 pounds. I know this seems a lofty goal, but that's 1 pound a week for 5 months. That's totally doable. The trick will be keeping it off.

But my other part is running again. I started another blog to track my progress and training, so I don't have to do it here and annoy everyone. :) This blog here will be primarily about the rest of my life.

And the rest of my life will be great. I'm going to continue on my quest for happiness, which usually starts with choosing to be happy. My finance guy thinks I should buy a house this spring, and if I do I know my life will change dramatically. I'm also trying to talk my friend into letting me take his dog running with me. If that happens, I know my running will improve a lot and be beneficial for me with my training and races.

My job will change - we have an inspection coming up in a few months and the next few will be stressful as I prepare for it. I have a lot to do and so I need to be motivated. I know with my running I'll be able to focus better on the rest of my life because "exercise give you endorphins; endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands."

But the fact is, life is constantly changing. We live in a world of recreation - not recreation just as in fun but RE-creation. We recreate our lives every day. It starts when we wake up and begin to make decisions on what we're going to do. Not one is alike and it's incredible how everything flows together.

I have many pictures that have inspired me in one way or another from the Internet as my screensaver. Right before I logged on, one came on that said, "It'll be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." I love that. It may need to become my new motto.


Kat said...

I love this, Sara.
I just started my diet again too, and going to go full-throttle here and then hopefully be pregnant again by summer.
I totally agree about re-creating our life every day. You said it so well.
I love that quote from Legally Blonde, and I LOVE that "it'll be okay in the end" quote! Where is that from? That was my motto there for a while a few years ago.

CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

Happy New Year. Keep in your good place and stay positive.

Jill Will Run said...

I started my running blog precisely because I knew that I could ramble on and on about the sport and many people on my main blog wouldn't be interested at all! I'll follow both of your blogs now! :-)