31 January 2009

I don't know why

But the BK commercial where the whopper jr is yelling at his dad is hysterical...at least the part where he yells out, "I wish I had never been broiled!" It just cracks me up.

But a lot of stupid, random things make me laugh. A lot have their own stories behind them, which I just can't explain because once I explain it's just not as funny.

There's the circus and the big top, ::boobs::, Hello Kitty, Bob (in more ways than one), and of course the random Friends quotes that pop into my head for no apparent reason.

Well, the first month of January finishes tonight. To celebrate, my sister and niece came up to visit. We went to a place called A Taste of the Big Apple and had their pizza. It was so good. I can't wait to go again. I think it's my new favorite. And they offer gluten-free crust, which is good when I get back on my no-flour health kick. :)

January has been a very cold, very interesting month. A lot of changes have happened in my life, and I know there are more to come. It's all about the want now. On to February!


Jill Will Run said...

I haven't even seen that commercial but the line about being broiled made me laugh!

Guess I'm in the same boat as you where silly little things can make me laugh!

~moe~ said...

Here's another - Sonic commercials are funny.

The last line of the one I just heard was a response to the question, "Have you heard of inflation?"

"Yeah, it makes a balloon go up."