23 January 2009

Better but still not great

I slept hard last night, which was much needed but I did not want to get up this morning. It was just too early and I needed more sleep. So I was late to work again but I had oatmeal to at least get something in my belly so I could work.

Jenni came by at 8 to work with me on my file plan. By 10:30 we had worked out a lot of the kinks but I have a shitload of work left to do. I'm missing a lot of subfolders and I need to move everything in to the proper place. What sucks is there's a regulated way file plans are supposed to work which is just not how I function. I'm an alphabetizer and everything in it's place. But this just does not work that way. I'm going to see if I can make it work that way though...somehow.

So that was my day. Lots of filing. I did have a nice moment of banter with Boss1 about an Obama t-shirt. And I had another nice night chatting with a friend. Now I just need to sleep so I can make it through another day.

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