17 January 2009

Yet another FB problem

So last night I'm randomly surfing facebook because that seems to be what I do anymore. K&E - are you really sure this was a good idea for me? Seriously?

Anyway, an old friend IM'd me and asked if I was feeling better and something about how earlier in the week i felt like fb was waxing my feelings and something about exs stalking me. I don't recall this conversation at all. I've been sick the last week anyway and on some nice antibiotics, and during that time I have had a lot of "catch-up" conversations with friends...some all at the same time - damn chat.

I told him this last night and said that I don't remember all my conversations, that fb tends to be a way for me to unwind at the end of the day because my work days are really intense - especially lately as we're gearing up for an inspection. I lamented that I used to read a lot at night which seemed to stimulate my brain more but since I've gotten on facebook I haven't read a book at all.

Well, he got pissed because he doesn't think I care anymore. He wrote me an email this morning, parts of which said: "The fact that you do not remember conversation you should not have them." and "I will not be bother your mental relaxation, detox time or whatever it is that you called it, you are right you should start reading again that way it does not involve other people."

WTF? Because I don't remember one conversation I'm suddenly shit and shouldn't interact with people? I'm sorry...do other people remember every single freaking conversation they have with people?

I really have enjoyed facebook, but it's more my frustration with me and not being able to control my new addiction to it, because every night this week I have logged on to see what's going on and what people have been up to. I don't want to be that way. I like to keep in touch with people, but this almost feels like keeping tabs on people. And there are a lot of people I care about and want to keep up with, but I can't remember every stinking word that is passed between us. And if this is going to be the reaction then maybe it's time I just stop.


Anonymous said...

Chalk it up as this individual is being a complete ass and that something is probably going on their life that caused them to vent that way? It is an addiction but it is also fun way to reconnect with people. Don't let one individuals rant control the way you interact with the people you love! Praying this finds you well and staying warm! :) Peace in Christ - E

~moe~ said...

Thanks, E - I wrote him back and said that I was sorry he felt that way and if my not recalling one conversation makes him not want to talk to me anymore, than I'll respect his decision. Whatever.

I am going to try to read more though. :)

How are you? I miss you. I hope you're well. I promise a long email to you soon to catch up.

Megan said...

Also: this is why I turn off chat on FB. Too much potential for awkwardness. I'd prefer my stalking to be quiet and unnoticed.

~moe~ said...

Megan I totally agree, but there are some friends I like chatting with, so it's a vicious cycle. :)

Karla said...

Don't worry...the obsession with FB DOES pass. I used to spend hours playing stupid games...now, I log on, change my profile if I have something worthwhile to update, check who's online...and then I go about my business. I keep it on in another tab so when my favorite people (ie, you!) come on I can talk... :)

As for the guy...JACKASS!

NO ONE remembers everything other people say! :)

Love you!

Kat said...

Most people get addicted to FB for a while at first! Now I check out FB about twice a day when I check my email. I always keep chat off though. And really, once a day for FB should be more than enough for me, sheesh.

That guy was being a total tool. Completely his problem, not yours. When I'm tired & have a lot going on, I'd forget my own head if it wasn't attached. Whatever. You handled it well.

CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

So, I do believe that some people have a tendency to overreact. We all talk about things and sometimes it is venting, getting it out so we can forget them anyway.
If I remembered every conversation I ever had, I would be a genius, but no one does that. If it concerned something important, maybe, so really, it sounded like a random conversation. And it is not like you forgot that his grandmother died or something, it was about you anyway.
The FB obsession will pass, trust me. Just go on with life and shake it off. Cuz it's stupid.

Anonymous said...

I routinely forget huge portions of conversations, especially if the conversation contained the sharing of a life-changing moment. And then later on, when the friend says, "You remember that thing that happened? Well, ....." and they continue on as if I remember. And the whole time I'm wracking my brain. And I'll even remember "having" the conversation but cannot for the life of me remember any details. At all. None. This happens so often that I've considered resorting to writing a friend journal just to help me keep track. It makes me feel like a TERRIBLE friend, but there are just soooooo many stories in the world and I've only got so much brain space.