04 January 2009


A big shout out to Sarah who was approved today! YAY!!!!

Today was a good day. I made it to church for once. I was chuckling on my way to it this morning as I realized the last time I had gone (to this particular church) was for Advent1 and now I'm going for the final Christmas day...hitting the front and end of a good season of church. Somehow I missed most of the middle. Weird.

Then, in honor of my South Beach beginnings tomorrow, I made cookies! Truth be told, I was hoping Eric would eat them when he came to visit with Eli, but alas, he had had a big lunch so only had one. Now, I will probably have to box up the yummy ones and send to either Debbie or Keith since I can't eat them. The chocolate chip ones will go to work.

As I said, Eric and Sarah came to visit and tonight we hung out with some of their friends, eating pizza (another final moment before SB) and watching Independence Day. Good times, good times.

Now I need to sleep because they were super awesome and gave me IronMan for Christmas and I so want to watch it right now but I don't want to mess up my sleep schedule anymore than I already have by being up this late. :) So tomorrow AM during laundry I'll be enjoying a little RD,Jr. YAY!

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