03 January 2009

Not the best start

So today was a total bust.

I've been sore the last couple days, I mean like achy sore. My ribs even hurt and I have no idea why. It's not like I'm working out that hard. sheesh.

But today was an icky day. I woke up to freezing drizzle and my running partner asked to bail since she and her dog slipped on the driveway. I should have still gone but I didn't.

Whoops! I'm not supposed to write about that here. Anyway, so when that decision was made I took a shower and then a nap. My eyes were really dry so I thought if I shut them for awhile they could remoisturize. :D

I haven't done anything today and feel kind of like a loser for that. I did just clean up my kitchen a bit and flattened some boxes that I'll take down to recycling tomorrow when I leave for church. But I just don't really care about anything right now. Blah is my name.

Tomorrow will be better. I have a definite schedule of things happening: Church thing at my niece and nephew's; hanging with Eric and Eli while Sarah gets interrogated; and then pizza with the gang to follow (and this will be my last so-called "real" meal since I'm starting SB on Monday). This will help - something concrete for me to do.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll come up with a better goal plan for the year. I suppose it's time to put the words on paper since it's the 4th tomorrow. :)

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