22 January 2009

Killing me softly with facebook

Facebook is going to be the death of me for certain. Not that I mind catching up with friends but I end up staying up way too late at night. I'm usually a 9:30, maybe 10 pm bedtime gal; but the last couple nights between phone calls with the older older brother or chatting with my friends, I haven't been to bed before 11:30. This is not helping at work because I really need my sleep to function. And if I don't get sleep it's hard to wake up in the morning completely. If I don't get started right away in the morning, you know at 6:45 when I'm supposed to be up and at 'em at work, I'm screwed until at least noon. And then half my day is shot. It also doesn't help that the energy level is greatly diminished when Boss1 is out, and to add to the struggle Boss2 and Boss3 are out today as well. There is no work energy flowing in my little corner of the building.

The afternoon got a little better. I found a bunch of promotion letters I needed to type up for him to sign. They're basically form letters but I have to do each one individually for their address. It's kind of a pain but whatever. And then I ripped Paste's Sampler Issue 50 so that was good to listen to while I went through my files. Oh I have a lot of crap. I'd toss it all but I don't know what I'm really allowed to toss and what I have to keep. That's the trick because there are rules where I work. So I end up keeping it all and it's just a mess of paper. Tomorrow I'm meeting with one of our file plan experts, or pseudo experts, who's going to help me get things in order. I have to gear up tomorrow morning because it's going to be grueling, I know. It's not just my files I have to keep, it's also Boss1, 2 and 3's. And of course, everything has to be annotated, whether it's electronic or hard copy. Joy. Don't you wish you were going to be me tomorrow? At least I get to have lunch with my friend RA. Thank God for that. I'm going to need a reprieve mid-day.

Here's the bad thing...when I wrote this it was 5:18 and SG had canceled due to some really bad news she got today. "I should still run, especially so I don't waste this beautiful day. But I'm so tired and not really into anything right now that I don't want to run. But if I don't run I won't get any running in until Monday at the earliest. And I'm only at 10 for the week. If I ran the route tonight I'd get up to 15 or maybe 2.5 though I'll probably do a different route so I'll have to map it out. But if I do our usual route that's a lot of back and forth by myself. I need to go out. It's not going to be this nice for awhile again. I just really don't like running alone at night when it's dark out, and running downtown alone is okay, I did it the other night, but I'm just constantly on edge so I don't get the best workout in."

Spring cannot come fast enough.


Kat said...

I had to give myself Facebook rules. ONCE a day. Then a time limit. And click out no matter what at that time. Lame, but... otherwise I could stay on there all night!

Cool thing - today in a supermarket parking lot, I hear a screech of tires and "KAT!!!" It was a friend from high school who i haven't seen in 18 years. She recognized me from my facebook photos, and now we're going to get our kids together to play. What a weird, small world the internet makes!

Sarah said...

You are too funny! If you only worked at the desk again you could stalk people on facebook all day! hehehehe

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday!