05 January 2009

It's Epiphany!

Well, almost. Truly today is the final day of Christmas. And thank goodness for that because I am totally ready for work again.

Don't get me wrong, I love vacations and having time off, but I like when those vacations have plans attached...maybe not down to the minute detailed out, but at least some general plans where I know that I'll be doing things. This second vacation was pretty lame. Everything I was going to do kept getting canceled or postponed. Finally last night I got to see Eric and Sarah and today I got to run. And I did get to watch a movie on Thursday night with a friend which was good too.

But now, I can finally get on a schedule. The next three months will be intense as I prep for an inspection at work. And I started my other training which I will not speak of here. And I'm back on SB which I also will not speak of here.

Things are coming together, which makes me glad. I'm excited for the changes on the horizon and how may life will transform.

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