09 January 2009


I'm still feeling not great, but I'm a lot better than I was yesterday. My swallowing is still rough, and my appetite isn't the greatest, but I am feeling better. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be well enough to run.

But all that means nothing. Today I had the best morning. I actually finished Boss1's presentation for tomorrow morning by 9 am! I was so excited! I don't think I've ever been able to make it all work and function that early in the week. It's so great. And thankfully, Boss1 didn't want to make any changes.

Things kind of came together for me today. A couple forms that fell apart suddenly came together, my schedule for the weekend is really open, my subordinate called to ask to not come in this weekend which actually works better for me than if he were to come, my paperwork projects are flowing well and should be finished tomorrow, and the weekend should be great.

I'm really excited for this. Now if I could just get healthy I would be ecstatic.

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