27 January 2009

Daily musings

9:40 am - Okay, I'm going to take a few more minutes. I'm not quite awake or motivated yet this morning. Not a good thing because I have a ton of work to do in the next two months. So I'm going to write for a bit about things on my mind and listen to Aqua to get motivated.

Yesterday driving home I had a few thoughts. One came while I was getting my hair cut yesterday and retriggered as I caught a glimpse of my new do in the mirror. I sat watching the gal comb it out and trim up the ends (taking off an inch in some places) thinking how odd my hair is. In the recent years I've developed curl in my very straight hair. The bad thing is it doesn't stay when I let it dry. Apparently I need a diffuser for my hairdryer. I'll have to look into that. But then as the gal was drying my hair and wrapping it around a brush I marveled at the color of my hair. It's not just one - it's several. Primarily my hair is auburn and brown, but there are a few streaks here and there which are a little more reddish or light brown. I love this about my hair. It can look like I color it without me having to do so. It gets lighter and redder during the summer when I'm out running, especially when I run during the day and my hair is in a make-shift bun. The sun "cooks" my hair in weird ways and I love how it looks.

I can't remember my other thoughts now. That's not good. I wrote them down but I left that in my other handbag. Whoops.

12:33 - I love working with Boss3. We're working on PowerPoint's right now for a set of 3 like, yet different, briefings. He scheduled time with me starting at 11 today, but we decided to start at 10:40 instead. We just finished. So much for his 30 minutes schedule. :) It's so much fun though.

4:30 - This afternoon was a bit more productive than this morning, though still not quite where I should be. I made the mistake last night of buying SF Red Vines. While I love these they do not sit well in my stomach. And it probably doesn't help that I took a bite of one and basically just swallowed without chewing. It's no wonder my stomach has been a mess all afternoon. I feel like crap. I want popcorn but I don't know that I dare have that either since I ate two bags of White Cheddar Old Dutch popcorn during my travels.

8:15 - At least I'm starting to feel a bit better. Eggs, toast and some dark chocolate - oh, and two cookies - make a girl feel good. The bad thing is that the toast and cookies are so not on my eating plan, but I need some solid food that is somewhat sturdy after the crap I've eaten the last two days.

I found my list of things I was thinking about during my drive home last night. The one about my hair I already wrote about. My other thought was on friendships. A lot of my friendships are with guys. I've just always gotten along better with men than women. Even when I was growing up I could talk to guys better than girls - my two best friends when I was little were Eric and Tom. We road dirt trails, climbed trees, built forts and ramps...we did had a great time. Then girls started hanging out with us and it wasn't the same. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, though I'm trying to be more of a girl these days - embracing the boobs (not literally, though that can be fun too).

Well, my guy friendships have continued even into my adulthood. This has been okay, until the guy gets in a relationship. You'll never know how thankful I was that K befriended me even though I was friends with E first. What's funny is I think K and I talk more now than E and I do, though he and I still get our time together alone too.

It worries me when I look at my friends - will I be able to continue my great relationships I have with my guy friends right now. Will I lose them if they get into relationships or if their current relationships start to get concerned? Is there even a reality that male-female friendships can exist?

Anyway...I'm just thinking too much these days. I should just sleep.

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