19 January 2009

Fun Monday!

Another Chance Ranch is hosting Fun Monday this week and is taking us back to the beginning with a little turn around. So everyone is supposed to take a picture of the interior of their home from the doorway.

Well I have several doorways since I live in an apartment so here we go!

This is from my door. Obviously I need to clean. :) To the left is the kitchen, straight ahead is my living room, to the right (the door you see) is the bedroom and the bathroom is next to it.

The kitchen where I make my delicious cookies and such. The door you see on the left is a pantry.

This is my living room. I'm deliberately hiding the far left corner which is a total mess right now. My table is there but so are boxes and piles of papers I need to go through. I guess if you look closely you can see a brief glimpse of those in the corner. Do you like the red exercise ball? Yeah, I don't use it very much, but it's a nice stool to sit on or a foot stool when I'm tired. :) The rug is one of my favorite purchases. I got that in Turkey when I was there for a work trip. It was a pain in the butt to package and mail, but I love love love it.

Bathroom. I should have taken a better picture because I actually like my bathroom, but it's just not photo worthy today. And in hindsight I should have closed the toilet lid - sorry about that. :)

This is my bedroom. It's hard to get a decent picture from the corner. If you went to the right there'd be yet another door leading to my slightly walk-in closet. Oh, and the cord under my bed is for my electric blanket. And sorry for the bad laundry shot. I totally spaced that was there. *blushing*

So that's my place. Go check out the other players in Fun Monday! Links are all here.


grace said...

you kitchen looks like mine, thanks for sharing your home

Faye said...

Hey Moe, I also enjoy using a stability ball--mine's blue and stays under my desk where I prop my feet up to watch movies on the computer. I HEAR they're great for exercise as well! You won't believe this. A couple of friends just received beautiful rugs that they bought in Turkey. I love your color choice for yours. I'll bet it reminds you of your trip, pleasantly I hope. Another friend visited Turkey and she said it was a magical place. Would love to go there.

The Church Lady said...

For an apartment, it looks very roomy and lived in. Thanks for sharing.

{i}Post said...

What a wonderful place you have! I can tell you are active...all that exercise equipment! ;0) Thanks for sharing with us!

Sayre said...

That's a nice-sized place! Don't worry about the mess... my house is much worse most of the time!

Julie said...

You mean that is supposed to be an exercise ball? Hmmm. :) I loved visiting your place. I love your Turkish rug. Great choice!

Thanks for playing!

ChrisB said...

Thank you for the tour of your apartment it looks lovely and homely.