26 January 2009

Great 25 hours, plus driving

What a speedy but fun trip! To start, I met my awesome friend Sean at the Mall of Death for a chai and conversation. I hate malls, so I have to be really in the mood to shop with a plan of attack, or I have to be focused completely on something else. The latter was the goal of this visit. Sean and I went to the 3rd floor Caribou and I faced the wall while he people watched. That was a true blessing. I'm not a fan of crowded places. If I have to go, I can make it work, but it takes a lot of alone downtime to recover. :) I'm a freak.

After the MoD, I was off to Major's for dinner with my friend Debbie. We had our Christmas because we hadn't seen each other since the marathon in October. It was fun. When she mentioned that I realized I hadn't seen Sean since then either - and his greeting that day was a wave and a cheer. Debbie is my schlepper for the marathon. I give her my bag of clothes, food, etc. that I need at the end of the race and then she meets me at certain points on the way. She has been my best supporter for my races. I think she's even planning to come to my marathon in May when I run. Plus it's nice to know that there's someone waiting for me at the end - especially when one of her stops along the route is mile 19 which is where I just want to quit every time. But she kicks me in the butt and I can keep going.

The Guthrie show was "A Delicate Balance". It was an interesting show about the dynamics and rights of different relationships - friends, in-laws, children, siblings. The play was fast paced - or at least fast talked and in some places I kept trying to imagine if it were real if that's how people would sound. And a lot of the times when Claire was speaking it just didn't seem real. Her character background was real, but the way she talked didn't seem right. But maybe it was and I just didn't see her in the right light. But overall, a good show. It wasn't a favorite or one I'd like to see again. I'd love to see "Third" again or "Merchant of Venice" or "A Midsummer Night's Dream" all from last season again.

Today was really low-key, I didn't have any plans this morning so I slept in, then listened to my friend Ian on his radio show. I once again drug myself to a mall, but only to get my hair trimmed (it was getting a little shaggy). This was good because I finally found the right cut for my head. It's the perfect length now. Of course that just means I have to go back more often then once a quarter.

Then lunch with Sarah, Eric and Eli. That was nice to just sit and hang out with them for a few hours. I drove home listening to Aqua because I've gotten hooked on them in recent weeks. A cartoon I read, AFBlues.com, has had a story line centering around "Barbie Girl" and I stupidly bought the disc and have been hooked since. Nothing like a little Danish-Norwegian techno to make the day go 'round. :)

That's my weekend - or 25 hours of it. Next time I need to stay longer.

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