03 July 2009

Maybe going about things the wrong way

This morning I went to MS's to help put in a few more of the fence posts for the garden. I kind of made a mess of myself but it was fun nonetheless. Lots of mud in the slight drizzle and then add mixing concrete to the fun and it was quite funny. Oh well.

The afternoon had me cleaning a bit more while MS hung out with his mom. So more things in the sorting boxes. Of course when MS came over and saw that he said, "You know it's inefficient to sort things twice." And while I normally agree, if I didn't compartmentalize these items (for more sorting later) it would still be a mess in my apartment, instead of just having a few boxes sitting out. So he said, "So what you really need is a file cabinet." Yep...that and an office so my file cabinet isn't in my bedroom or my living room. Someday maybe.

Tonight we're going to MS's friends place for sloppy joes (though I've already eaten). Should be fun. :)

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