20 July 2009

Running to the Cross

Back in the day, years ago we're talking (at least 9), I used to run in the mornings. I had a 2 mile route set up from my dorm room (I was in seminary at the time), around the neighborhood and then I'd finish up in front of the Celtic Cross* on campus. Once I was here, I would sit cross-legged (pun not intended) and have a morning prayer.

Tonight I wish it was one of those mornings. Right now, I just want to go for a run, work out all the things in my head, and then pray about all the mess that I have going on in my life and in the lives of my friends.

If you're in the praying mood, or of the praying sort, please send up a prayer for my friends, my family, and all those who need some strength today.

*The Celtic cross is a replica of the oldest cross in Norway, dating to around 1000 A.D. When a Viking chose to become Christian, he or she would erect a cross of stone to mark the spot of decision or baptism. After that, they would gather there with other Christians for worship until a church was built. These crosses still stand in Norway.

What are the inscriptions on the Celtic cross? On the top, the "Chi-Rho," the first two letters of Christ's name in Greek, and the "theta" from Greek word for the world gives us, "Christ as the light of the world". On the left arm, the "I" is from "ICHTHUS" or "fish" in Greek, an early Christian symbol, and "Alpha and Omega," Christ as the beginning and the end. The "VDMA" on the right arm is Latin for "Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum," or "The Word of God Remains Forever".

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