11 July 2009

Running for the military

Today there was a Support Our Troops run on the bike trail in town. Donations were received for the military families and members in the area. I had the option to walk a mile, run a 5K or run a 10K.

Which did I choose?

Duh, of course I'm a glutton for punishment so I ran the 10K. Plus my training program said I needed to run 6 today anyway, and since I've been SO good at staying on top of that (not), I had to run the 10K.

It wasn't a bad run. The weather was perfect today so that helped. I had my chai before the race which helped with my caffeine need and though I came in DAL I still finished with a time of 69:30. This is only a minute longer than I ran the 10K in May and that one was without stopping to walk (I walked a few times today). So I'm getting faster maybe? That would be nice.

I just need to drop a few pounds and do some strength training. I think that would help. I have the discs for P90X now, but MS and I haven't started that yet. We're going camping next week so that's out. Maybe the next week...that might work. We'll see. I need to do something. I know it would help.

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