01 July 2009

Office Space moment

I just had a total Office Space moment. I got a phone call from one guy saying he was going to resend the email that he sent me yesterday with an updated date change. I said sure, make sure the guy's title is right (he had promoted him inadvertently in the first email). So he said I'm going to just start all over and send you a new email. Okay. Cool.

Well then, his subordinate came rushing down (as she does) and said, "Warren hasn't sent you an email yet?" I said he's sending it now, I just got off the phone with him. "Okay well I need to talk to him about a date change." Okay...he just told me that but okay. Then SHE runs into another gal in the hallway who said she had just gotten done talking with Warren about the date change so Lady1 says, so you have him squared away? And Lady2 says, "Yep, Moe should have it in her inbox now." Then comes around the corner and says, "Did you get an email from Warren?" I said, he's resending it. She says, "He should be sending that right now." Ugh...

All for a date change that could have been covered with a phone call alone. ugh

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Anonymous said...

I understand the annoyance, but it's also kind of funny that you got to experience Office Space. It's also SCARY how accurate that movie is in depicting the ridiculousness of office life.