19 July 2009

Camping recap

So camping last week was a trip! MS and I had a lot of fun, especially with all the Daddy Long Legs that set up camp on our camp trying to edge us out. It was a nice getaway for both of us I think. Granted I'm a novice camper, but this was a great time and we plan to go again.

So to document - here I am on our hiking excursion:

This was our camp. Nice tent...

This was our meal one night. MS threw in potatoes, onion, garlic, carrots, spices and olive oil with some raw burger and cooked it like so. The seal with the fold on the tinfoil helped to create some nice steam so the veggies didn't stick to the foil very much. Really tasty too.

There's a happy camper...Guinness, food (notice the chips), and the recycling bag hanging from the tree.


Anonymous said...

Happy! I love camping and hiking. Thanks for documenting.

Kat said...

Cute! Looks like fun. I loved all the FB pictures.

Anonymous said...

You look great my beautiful friend! And yeah for camping and hiking! E