21 July 2009

Tonight's Top Ten

I decided to shut off my TV a little while ago.

For one, there's nothing on.

For two, I wasn't really watching it anyway since I've been chatting with KB on FB most of the night.

For three, I'm still ticked that my super hasn't fixed my stove yet. Not that this is a big deal but I would like to make cookies but I don't want to have to push the button to stop the F-1 malfunction beep every 16 seconds.

For four, okay that just makes me laugh. For Four. :)

For five, I'm kind of bored tonight. MS is working another shift, picking up some OT to pay for gravel, so my night is empty. I remember when all my nights used to be like this...but I don't expect them anymore. I'm kind of sad.

For six, I'm waiting for the inevitable phone call that is sure to come. But another phone call has to be made first and I'm not sure if that's happened yet.

For seven, there's a band in the garage next to my building playing...or maybe it's at the nearby park. I need to check that. But they sound really good.

For eight, this reminds me of 4-H. Say it fast.

For nine, (NINE!) I really should be in bed so I really can get up in the AM to run since I didn't today. And tomorrow I'm going to need the extra endorphins because it's going to be a busy day. (And exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy...and happy people just don't shoot their husbands).

And for ten, MS and I are working on losing weight and getting in better shape. We both have a little work to do, so nine is important so I can do ten. :)

So to bed I go...momentarily. I should cut up my melon first, so I can have watermelon tomorrow... Or I can do that as a reward after my run tomorrow AM. No, I better do it now. So here I go!

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