09 July 2009

It's kind of funny

So I said I wouldn't be blogging every day, and then I blogged thrice yesterday and here I am again.

Today was a very hectic day, but it's good. I at least feel like I'm getting things accomplished at work (except for coins! damn coins) and I feel like I have a purpose in life, even if it is just paperwork.

Found out that my mom's step-dad died today. I should be sad since he was the only 'grandpa' I ever knew (dad's dad had died way before I was born), but we weren't that close so...and I feel a little bad saying this...it's almost a blessing he's gone. Mom won't have that stress in her life anymore, which is really important.

Mom also ended up with hail damage totaling $4K or so and so once again she'll need my car while her's is getting fixed. I'm hoping this will happen next week since I'll be with MS. But with my luck it'll be the week after when I need my car. Ugh.

So Jenna, being the doll she is, sent me a prayer today:
"Lord, I ask that you keep Moe and her family in your hands. You are the one that provides peace, so Lord please let your peace and love surround them as they have many stressful things going on right now. I also ask for clarity of mind for Moe as she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Lord, I thank you for giving Moe family but I ask that you would guide her in those relationships during this busy time. And Lord if possible please take the hail damage off of her mom's car! Lord we thank you for the life and love that you give us. In your name, Jesus, Amen"

Anyway, I'm really tired tonight. I worked late so I could get a few projects done. It helped but I'm still a little behind. Hopefully tomorrow and maybe Saturday and Monday will get me caught up before MS and I go on vacation.

Bed might be in order...

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