06 July 2009


Yesterday started out a bit rough. MS and I ran 5.4 in the morning and the first half went pretty well, until I started getting nauseated and tingly.

Mistake number 1: not drinking enough in the morning. I started to get dehydrated. Not a good thing.

Mistake number 2: not eating enough in the morning either.

Mistake number 3: running in direct sunlight - no shade on some of those country roads.

Mistake number 4: being a girl and not able to strip down to nothing. :) I took off my shirt since i had my good sports bra on, but I was still hot, then cold, then hot. Not a smart move.

After the run, MS made us eggs for lunch. We both had a ton of gatorade and fruit too. Surprisingly it helped. The rest of the day went well. We put in a few more fence posts for the garden, ran into town to pick up the one we were missing as well as more concrete for the posts, then back to the house to finish it all up.

I also re-potted Albert from work. He was really full of roots, so I'm a bit worried. Hopefully I didn't mess it up, but he went from one plant to 4. They seemed okay this morning but hopefully they'll take.

Last night we sat around the fire pit and watched some of the fireworks from area folks. We shot of a couple Roman candles and called it good. It was a beautiful night.

I also called K&E to say hi and catch up briefly with them. It's always fun to catch up with them, though I am a bit sad that E is building the deck without me. :(

And K
- MS was just being a dork...he does want to meet you, (he has a one track mind some times and we had just been talking about the concrete for the patio) and we're planning on August at least for a day...probably an up and back, so we'll have to figure out the best day to make it work. I think he works that Tuesday and Thursday, so maybe Monday or Wednesday?

Today it has been good. Slept in, went for a wet, drippy run (from me, not rain). And now I need to iron my uniform and head back to MS to help with the retaining wall. Zach has a game tonight too, so hopefully we can make that as well. :)

Busy times, they are.

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