27 July 2009

It's cookie time

It has been a looooonnnnnggggg time since I've baked cookies. I finally got my new stove Saturday, but I had to work all weekend so I'm getting to try it out tonight. It actually bakes at the temperature it says it is, plus the timer works and the cookies are turning our great!

Of course, now I have to divide them up and take them to work tomorrow. I've been promising cookies for awhile to people, so I need to make it semi-fair. I owe a few people for help they've given and I just want to get rid of them. I've had a few (to sample) and I made a very small batch (i.e. 24 cookies) of peanut butter with dark chocolate kisses for me and MS. Those are at least semi-healthy for me.

I shouldn't be baking though...it's very dangerous for me. I need to drop about 20 pounds. I went to a nutrition center today who specializes in Herbalife products and smoothies (which I love) and they did a wellness analysis. I'm a little over these days and despite working with MS on the house, I really need to drop a few. So I'm going to try their products (smoothies!) and P90X. It would be nice to be down at least 10 by the marathon, so that gives me two months for that, then another couple months to be down by New Year's.

It's not a bad goal, it's probably not realistic either. MS and I need to work together on this since we eat together so much. Last night we had supper at 9:30 just due to my actual work and his work on the house. Timing was late. We ate, we went to bed. Just not the best when we're both trying to slim down.

So anyway, I need to get some things in writing and make a plan. Hopefully it'll work.

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