13 July 2009

Emotional day

So it's been a whirlwind of a day. I got home from MS's this morning to curl my hair and get ready for a work meeting. That meeting was only supposed to be 90 minutes and Mom had agreed to wait for me before going to the funeral.

Well, the meeting ran over a bit and despite my speeding home (which mom said not to do) I was a few minutes late. Mom was ticked because we were going to be late (we had 30 minutes to go 3 blocks) and so she was already in a mood.

Well the funeral was fine. I sang a hymn which always feels cheesy to me...I really need to get some funeral repertoire set up for these things. But it worked and everyone (!) told me how great it was (which I hate).

After the funeral we did the family thing where I got to hang out and do the small talk thing with the family I never see. It's fine, but it's not like we're real close. Maybe that could be remedied and maybe it should be, but right now I'm just not there. Of course, it could have just been the day.

The rest of the day was ups and downs between planning, packing, shopping, etc for the camping trip MS and I are going on this week. We leave tomorrow and I'm super excited!

AND I got to talk with my OOB tonight which is always fun.

Okay...I need to pack. and sleep. The next few nights will be long in a tent, but it'll be great.

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Kat said...

Hello, long lost friend. Sorry re the funeral, haven't been here to know whose it was. Camping trip sounds fun though!