04 November 2010

Maybe 50 feet

I think other than going to lunch with my awesome sweetie today, I went maybe 50 feet from my office door...and that was only to go to the bathroom. Otherwise I was chained to my desk all day long trying to do all the paperwork and get caught up from the last two days of meetings and fun.

My sweetie has been wonderful these last few days, very supportive, having dinner ready for us when I get home, and taking care of me. He even made me tea to drink on the way into work this morning "to warm me up and keep me from getting sick". He's so wonderful and some days I really don't feel like I deserve his goodness, but I'm very thankful for it and feel very blessed. Love you, honey!

And since I'm typing this with his head on my shoulder, I'm going to keep this short so I can spend some quality time with him before I have to go to sleep. :)

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