11 November 2010

Lack of writing

My life has been a mess lately! Well, not a mess, but a lot of work. Today starts a nice vacation which is greatly needed. Of course it's Veteran's Day, which is why I have today off. I'll take it. :)

So today, I thank and honor all those who have come before us...those men and women who stepped up to defend our country to keep us free and safe...those men and women who continue to serve in a time where the military isn't always appreciated as they used to be.

Thank you, to a few: Kevin, Morris, Sam, Arnie, Elroy, Hans, Lane, Ron, Wayne, Eric, Sallie, Casey, Di, Ruth, Matt, Russ, Reid, Dean, RJ, Tom, Kristin, Bridget, Leroy, Joey, Jon, Brian, and so many more...

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