31 December 2009

Ending another year

Last night K&E came to town (YAY!) so we drove around a bit so they could see the sights and then we went to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It was so fun to go out with a couple (MS was my date, natch) and just have adult conversation all night. And the food...OMG! LOVED it! I had Elk, E had Buffalo, MS had walleye and I can't remember what K had but it looked delicious too. Then we finished it up with a slice of carrot cake and some egg nog creme brulee.

I was so excited to see them and it was great to have them here to have a chance to get to know MS a little bit better. We all had a wonderful time.

Now today is the last day of the year. I had great intentions at work but didn't quite make it. And tonight I'm call for TCC. I'm praying and praying that there aren't any calls tonight. Primarily because the reason for the calls would NOT be good, and secondarily - I'm so tired, I just want to sleep tonight.

Last night I woke up at 2, wide awake. I relaxed for about 20 minutes trying to fall back asleep when the coughing started. ugh. So I got up and tried some tea and being upright for about another 20 minutes and went back to bed. I finally fell asleep and woke up about 5, coughing again.

I'm really getting sick of this cold. It's just wiping me out. :( I know part of it is diet, so I'm thinking I'm going to start SB up again next week. We have our Christmas' this weekend so Sunday or Monday would be good.

And so I'm just staying in tonight. MS is working so I'm just trying to reflect on the year, do some laundry, and pray for no calls.

I wish you all a great new year's eve and a wonderful 2010. See you on the flip side.

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