02 December 2009

It's snowing.

And I'm sad.

I don't mind the snow but it just seems too soon. I was trying to remember today how I used to run all the time last year, but maybe I didn't run as often as I thought I did. I'll have to look back in my log.

Today was a busy day at work. It's Wednesday which means Meeting Day! I had four this morning alone. Then it was just the task of staying focused and completing some projects this afternoon. I got two finished, but I have two I didn't and I needed. So tomorrow will be busy again too.

So I'm trying to not bite my nails until Christmas (and hopefully not after that). I have a bad habit and I thought maybe it's time to not do it anymore. So I'm hoping that I can not bite them throughout the month and maybe that habit of not biting them will stick. I did take a picture yesterday, but it didn't turn out well. But hopefully I can take one on Christmas and they'll look a bit better. That's my hope.

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