03 December 2009

Tired of being the planner

I kind of vented quite a bit today to KC. We had to shop today for the holiday party we're having for work on Saturday. Somehow we have gotten stuck with planning it yet again this year. I really didn't want to have one this year because it's so much work and not many people can attend. Plus we wanted to just have a spring get-together when it's nice out and more fun to be outside.

But no, Boss2b decided we should have a holiday party (not that he'll be there) so we have been planning it. We have a potluck so people can just bring things but then we supplement it with a few other items to make sure we have something. But our planning process was so late this year so we don't have a very good count of how many people will actually be there. And KC likes to include the kids of our co-workers so that adds to it all too.

It's just frustrating because on top of all of this, my family can't plan worth crap. No one wants to commit or make a plan because "well, we'll have to see what's going on" or "I'm not sure if that date will work (if one is suggested) but I'm not sure what will. I'll have to get back to you."

It gets old. And I'm really tired of being the party planner. Especially when it's so discombobulated.

*Sigh* I'm just tired and disgruntled about my job and all this crap lately. It's the holidays and things are supposed to be fun, but I'm just not there today.

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Jodi said...

I empathize completely. I feel like this happens with me and my friends and it does get old. No one every knows how much trouble you go to when you plan things, and many people just don't seem to care.