25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

MS and I are hunkered down at his house and we're enjoying staying in. Lots of movies, lots of relaxing (making up for summer), and apparently lots of snow. The driveway has some deep drifts, but I'm really not seeing all this snow we're supposed to have. I'm chalking it up that we're in the country so the wind is blowing it around, whereas in town I'm guessing it's stacking up since it has nowhere to go.

So today we're going to finish opening gifts, have some cinnamon rolls, bake some cookies, shovel or snowblow, and just enjoy the Christmas. My bigger question is whether we'll make it to my family Christmas tomorrow or if we'll be postponing (I'm guessing the latter). Or if I'll make it to the Cities on Sunday to see my friends T&E for their anniversary.

Well, hopefully something will work out. For now, I'm going to curl up on the couch, have some tea, and enjoy Christmas with my boy.

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