01 January 2010

Happy New Year!

So it's 2010 and we're finally going to have Christmas from 2009. Yep..."On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...Christmas with my fa-mily." (You have to sing it.)

In looking back to "last year" (ugh) I have to chuckle at myself. I kept getting annoyed with people yesterday and the lame joke, "See ya next year!" like there was this magical timewarp and it would all be different.

But maybe it will be. Last year my life changed. I went on a bunch of crappy dates until I finally met MS and found someone I could actually connect with. I started going through all those things-that-shall-not-be-named and decluttering. I still have a lot of work left on that but I'm confident I will get through it all and slim down my belongings. I finished a marathon in what has been my best time ever (dropping 38 minutes off my previous time!)

So now what are my goals/hopes/resolutions for this year?

The standards come to play: get in shape, lose weight, eat better. They seem a little superficial since everyone says this, but if I attach a better goal to it and reason, maybe I can follow through. So....

- Drop some pounds and get stronger for my running with the possibility of running a 50 miler this year, but at least running a couple half's and maybe 2 marathons.
- Eat better so I'm not only eating crap food by planning out meals with MS so we can shop better (economical) and eat healthy.
- Save my money - set up another account and have my money automatically go there. I've already upped my insurance for dental and vision so my paycheck will be smaller anyway, but if I take it out right away I should be okay.
- Learn to focus at my job better. I get really distracted and my projects take a backseat. I need to get better organized and get things accomplished. I have a lot that has to be done next week, so I'll get started right away with that.

Well, this is a start. I'm sure there are more. (It's early...I'm not quite awake yet.) So Christmas is today. MS's mom is coming over tomorrow, so Sunday we'll get started and get on track with my life to make 2010 great.

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