12 January 2010

Long weekend

And not in a good way.

Last week was insanely long. It was work after work after work. If I wasn't at work, working late, then I was at home getting ready for bed because I was so tired. Most nights I was in bed by 9, a couple nights 8:30 and one night 8.

Saturday night after my shift, I ran to Walgreens for my drugs and then, realizing it was only 6pm, decided that I didn't want to go home, because if I were to go home I would go straight to bed. Not good. So I went to Target.

I didn't realize how long it had been since I had been there. I walked around in a daze...I'm sure people were wondering what was wrong with me. I bought pistachios adn kleenex. A stellar trip for certain.

I'm still tired this week, most of which is poor diet driven. MS and I are going to start back up on SB in February after our trip and so I'm trying to get rid of things in the house now, and then not buy anything new. Then when we get back we can start from scratch.

I am excited about starting SB again and doing it with someone else. It was tough the first time around. I know I went through a LOT of emails and blog posts with K&E for guidance and support. It'll be tough because MS and I are both sugaraholics and chipaholics. But I think we can do it. MS's big whine, right now, is the lack of fruit for two weeks. We'll be okay though.

So that's what's new. I'm tired though, surprise surprise, so I'm going to shower and hit the hay.

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