31 January 2008

Picture Day

Remember picture day when you were a kid? I hated picture day. Mom always wanted to put me in some stupid outfit, I had awful hair (seriously - I'd prove it but I think the internet would break if I did), and I just never liked how I looked.

I remember my 2nd grade photo. I had been given a necklace with my name on it from one of my relatives. I loved that thing. So I snuck it with me that day and put it on before I took the picture. When the order came back and I had that on Mom was so mad at me. Why, I never understood, but whatever. I liked it.

This morning I took a picture of me before I headed to work. My friend has been asking for one of me in uniform for her iPhone. So I obliged, finally. I was going to put it here but I'm still debating. Maybe I will tomorrow if I'm feeling more up to it.

Because, when I got home today (and looked at me now and man, I look old and really tired) I decided I'd need a pick me up and so I'd eat at my table. I mean, the t-shirt contest ends tonight (did you sign up yet?) and so I cleaned off the table, made up a yummy meal and sat down to one of the saddest sights ever: one plate, one fork, one glass. (and yes, I know my table and chairs don't match...I'm staining this weekend, I think.)

But at least the meal looked good:

Okay, so I didn't eat all that food, I swear. I have meals now for a few days. Which is good. I'm really trying to watch how I eat - preferably staying in versus going out all the time. Besides, I like to cook, it just sucks doing it for one. I'm not a good leftover eater. I have in my freezer leftovers of my meatloaf muffins as well as containers from the chicken in the crock pot fiasco.

Anyway, I'm losing my mind, I'm going to go clean my kitchen now and then go to bed early. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is on and it's just depressing me and my life. That's me without the cute vegetarian to fall in love with me. Just call me frump girl. (Wow, we must be coming up on S.A.D., huh?)

So, anyway, I have written down the 8 names that have so far signed up for the t-shirt contest. I will be drawing tomorrow morning (after I add anyone else who signs up tonight). I will let the winners know tomorrow. So cross your fingers! I wish you all luck!


Karen Elizabeth said...

oh you are so not frump girl. so not. so so so so not. jeezums.

and if it makes you feel any better, i got weirded out by my big fat greek wedding because she didn't take a shower on the morning of her wedding, and for some reason it bugged me. don't ask why, because I have no idea. so if you're frump girl then I'm crazy obsessive girl :) grounds for a good friendship, I think.

Kat said...

SaraMOE,you better put that picture UP, girl, come ON!!! I also (pretty pretty PLEASE) am dying to see the 2nd grade pic. I actually have a small collection of really funny "picture day" pictures.