26 January 2008

Got my fix

Okay this is going to be quick because I'm in the hallway at my lodging place and right by the outside door so it's freakin' cold. If only they had internet in the rooms, but at least this is something, right?

Today was awesome, even though I woke up at 3:11 this morning, tossed and turned for 2 hours and finally decided to get up. Then I checked email, putzed around and finally dried the dishes and packed my bag to head on the road. It's not that I was dreading coming to the cities but waking 2 hours earlier than planned kind of sucked so it took a little bit for me to awaken.

My two-hour massage with Keith was painful, laughable, and so awesome. He does deep tissue although he's gone deeper on earlier massages. I told him my muscles were on the verge of atrophy so I just needed him to kick start them so I can really start running this week. I've been inspired from The Movie and can't wait to get back running. Tomorrow is supposed to be 39 here so I'm hoping to get outside even. YAY!

Then, I got my fix. I got to see my gay boyfriends. This was so fun. I love these guys. They make me so happy and it's always fun to see them. I helped one pick out new eyeglass frames and then we and Debbie all huddled together at Wilde Roast for some conversation and fun. *sigh* Life is good and like I said, I got my fix so now I feel normal again.

The rest of the evening was awesome, spending time with Debbie and John and just kicking back for awhile. Tomorrow: bring on Ikea! and my quest for Diet Coke with Splenda before heading to the Guthrie. It'll be great.

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Karen Elizabeth said...

yay for the Twin Cities!! I love that place more than ever, and I'm feeling very deprived since I'm living in a country were a city like that just does not exist. I know, I know, I'm in EUROPE, so why would I miss St. Paul? It doesn't make sense, but I totally understand needing to get back there, especially after having spent too much time in Sioux Falls. And IKEA is fantastic...sigh, I miss stores that are open after noon on Saturdays.
Miss you.