18 January 2008


I really don't like the cold. Nor do I like when my bosses are gone. The two really aren't related, not even by marriage, they just are both affecting me today and I'm not quite as chipper as I usually am.

The cold is just annoying. It's 0 degrees right now and it has been this most of the day. The wind is bitter and I just like the warmth. So I'm curled up in a blanket I got for Christmas and really wanting to take a nap.

My boss was out today and when he's gone the energy level in our corner drops dramatically. The area is super quiet which is not conducive for me to work. I need some noise and today my music selections weren't working. I should have gone to the gym and ran, sweating out some of the evil and getting my energy back up. But I didn't because that would have required me to walk outside. Ugh.

I miss spring. I love when the weather starts changing and things start growing; when you can walk outside and smell the dirt as grass and plants start to merge their way out. You smell the newness of life. The cold just seems, well, cold and frozen like the world is stopped in time and only the bestest of miracles could warm the earth again.

It probably doesn't help that friends are in Hawaii and I didn't get to go. I need sun.


Kat said...

I like how your little Avatars change. =)
I just updated my PIF post so you can see what I made. =)

Cate Ross said...

I noticed the avatar too. I wore two pair of pants today because I had to take the dog out for a walk, and it was wicked cold. I share your pain, and I don't even have friends in Hawaii.