27 January 2008

Another quickie

Quickie's are never satisfying...not that I would know. I'd love a quickie anytime...since basically the only excitement I ever get is the once a year medical checkup. Woohoo...

But that's not the point here today. This will be quick because once again I'm sitting in the hallway at my lodging anxiously typing, hoping that no one returns to their room because the door to the outside is 5 feet away. ugh.

I went to church today and got to see Ethan Allen. *sigh* What a hottie. I remember the countless choir practices of mooning over him (not mooning him...I'm not that crazy). He's so cute and what a doll. He actually remembered me. It's fun to reacquaint yourself with someone unexpectedly (sometimes). We shared the sign of peace and I could see in his eyes that it took a second but the recollection came back that he knew me. After church he came up and said, "Moe!" I said (as he was politely reminding me of his name - like I wouldn't remember him, HA!), "Ethan!" We caught up and I briefly lamented moving away. Not that I saw him all that much anymore anyway...he kind of dropped out of choir about 10 months before I got my job so I hadn't seen him much anyway. All the more reason it was awesome that he remembered me.

Then on to Target where I found Diet Coke with Splenda, on sale, which doesn't seem to exist in my world anymore. And I picked up some more Dropps. Then it was on to the insanity that is Ikea. Luckily I had already scoped out what I wanted so it was just a matter of snaking my way through to the right aisle and bin to pick up 2 chairs. I'll be getting two more on my next trip (trying to spread the wealth). The lady who was at the checkout made a funny - "hurry up and wait." I said I was used to it being in the military and all and we started chatting. I think her daughter is in the Corps but I'm not positive on that...but she is overseas and loving every minute. Fun.

Then I was bum and burrowed into my hotel and took a nap in anticipation of a later night tonight when I went to see Peer Gynt at the Guthrie.

First off, let me say, that I felt a little stupid yesterday because I couldn't for the life of me remember the story of Peer Gynt. So thankfully my theatrically intelligent friend helped me out with it and explained the Grieg side as well.

Well, this one was a version by Robert Bly and in Guthrie fashion wasn't anything like I expected. The beginning was a little improv with the audience, which my row mates weren't too thrilled with. I, of course being the wannabe actor, played along. It was fun.

Second, Mark Rylance is awesome. I love watching him act. He puts his whole heart, body and soul into his characters. I saw him a year or two ago when the Shakespeare Company came to do Measure for Measure. It was incredible.

Third, (I'm going to vent here) people need to learn theatre ettiquette and shut off their damn cell phones and iPhones! The girl to my right had shut her ringer off and had it in her bag but the phone was blinking through the last quarter of the first half and it lit up the bag. Then the woman to my left had her iPhone on DURING the second half...again it didn't ring but it did light up. And we were in the front row. HELLO!

Okay, I'm done venting. The show was great, not that I have a lot to go on with other versions, but I generally love everything about the Guthrie.

Oooo...and Cate: I saw they are bringing back Jane Eyre for another month (in March), just in case you want to go again. (Just kidding!)

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