23 January 2008

It's time to fess up

Okay internet pals, I need someone to take claim on this: who is sending me Entertainment Weekly?

Today I received the 2nd issue and I haven't ordered this since I lived in my college town so I'm confused why I'm getting it. Did someone gift it to me? Please fess up so I can thank you properly!

What a day - it was insanely busy at work today. I would love to vent about some of the issues but I can't so I won't. Basically having 4 days off is nice, but coming back to a whirlwind of tasks was a bit much.

So tonight I'm going to venture back to my roots, all of our roots actually. The church I frequent is having an adult ed class tonight on the Themes in Genesis and tonight is 4-11 (chapters, not hours or verses). I must have missed 1-3 but that's just the creation story so that's no fun anyway. :)

What is really fun is the fact I'll be back in a class with Ole who encouraged me to go to Seminary for years before I gave in, and I haven't delved into my OT background since, well, I graduated. Wow, it's been almost 4 years now, so maybe it's time. Should be fun!


Sophzilla said...

ET? I didn't do it but what fun. Totally cotton candy but still fun. Now you don't have to wait for a hair cut or dentist appointment to catch up on celebrity news! :)

Sophzilla said...

I mean EW. Nice typing, eh?